Living Love: 12 Heart-Centered Practices to Transform Your Life (Paperback)

Living Love: 12 Heart-Centered Practices to Transform Your Life By Victoria Price Cover Image

Living Love: 12 Heart-Centered Practices to Transform Your Life (Paperback)


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"Living Love helps aspiring practitioners discover simple ways to create daily heart-centered practices that can help anyone experience the real, the good, the true, and the beautiful -- which is, of course, what we were created for. This book reminds us that we were all made by Love to love." -- Father Richard Rohr, author of the New York Times bestseller The Universal Christ

With Living Love: 12 Heart-Centered Practices to Transform Your Life, Victoria Price, the author of Vincent Prince: A Daughter's Biography and The Way of Being Lost: A Road Trip to My Truest Self, shows how you can be the person you long to be -- someone who overflows with immense joy, experiences deep connection, expresses their creativity, and feels profound peace.
A spiritual self-help book, Living Love demonstrates how to turn aside the fears that stand between you and self-fulfillment and to embrace the healing power of love, permitting it to transform every aspect of your life. From creating a daily routine of joy and gratitude to developing a practice of presence and forgiveness, Victoria provides the tools for taking delight in being alive, countering fear, and developing compassion and openness.

"Living Love is as elementary and accessible a Life Guide as it is a profound examination of the inner psyche. Victoria Price has dedicated her sharp and probing mind to the deepest corridors of her emotions, and then expanded out to reach every one of us, hungry to live our days in the most meaningful, joyous ways possible. You will do more than read this book. You will work it into your inner soul, page by page." -- Diana Nyad, author of Find a Way

"Victoria Price throws a marvelous light on the notion of what it is to PRACTICE. It's not about running scales on the piano or hitting endless tennis balls. This is a gentle, deeply insightful guide to the practice of the art of Joy. I use this book whenever my mind goes dark and I need a good old reset of the spirit." -- Jane Anderson, Emmy-award winning screenwriter

"Victoria Price is a master of spiritual inspiration. In Living Love, she takes a big idea (what it's like to live from a place of love) and breaks it down into a dozen steps, showing the reader how to accomplish each one with the help of simple but effective exercises that have helped her in her own journey. Victoria acts as a guide, a cheerleader, a trusted friend, and a professional coach with a wicked sense of humor who is patient enough to walk every bit of the journey with you. Part of the brilliance of this book is that Victoria won't push you to change the way many self-help books try to do. Instead, she'll teach you to heal -- and then spiritual growth is inevitable. Be forewarned: You'll put this book down a different person than you were when you picked it up." -- Katy Koontz, editor-in-chief, Unity Magazine

"For anyone who is letting fear stop them, this book will teach you how to take the driver's seat of your mind. You will finish the last page a changed person, understanding that Living Love is not optional but the only truth there is." -- Carly Pollack, author of Feed Your Soul

"Victoria Price has written an open-hearted, very personal guide for taking the journey back 'home' to our True Self, and widening the universal circle of Love. Using her own experiences and incorporating numerous wisdom traditions, we are taken on a journey into the daily discipline of practicing Love -- and come out the other end of this trip inward with a greater sense of joy and compassion." -- Jane S. Galloway, author of The Gateways
Victoria Price is the author of the critically acclaimed Vincent Prince: A Daughter's Biography and The Way of Being Lost: A Road Trip to My Truest Self. She is a popular inspirational speaker on topics ranging from the daily practice of joy, living your legacy of yes, facing your fears and transforming your life through love-based practices, and making peace with your past stories to expand your creative futures. Price has appeared on Good Morning America, and NPR's "Fresh Air" and "Morning Edition," and her work has been featured in USA Today, People, Travel & Leisure, Art & Auction, and The New York Times.
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