Beyond Revelations - Book One: The Twi-Lighters (Hardcover)

Beyond Revelations - Book One: The Twi-Lighters Cover Image
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Shortly after some visible stars suddenly explode, a major event takes place, leaving behind only 'a few' on Earth. They are known as The Twi-Lighters, individuals both good and bad, trying to figure out what to do next in a world turned upside down. Gone are most human beings, as well as those that have passed on throughout Earth's history. Cemeteries and unmarked resting places around the world show nothing more than empty holes in the ground, devoid of any remains. Even the deceased coffins and dirt above them are gone, shocking all that witness those many strange and creepy spectacles. Also gone are all other wildlife; those that walk on land, swim in the sea, or fly through the air. And yet other beings and creatures are awakened to fulfill a commonly known insidiously dark mission Journey with our survivors as they experience and react to The Event. Hear their stories; many supernatural in nature. If you dare, travel along with The Twi-Lighters as they journey into a realm that takes them Beyond Revelations.
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ISBN: 9780578240084
ISBN-10: 0578240084
Publisher: One Zeus Publishing
Publication Date: March 15th, 2021
Pages: 662
Language: English