Not Into the Blossoms and Not Into the Air (Free Verse Editions) (Paperback)

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"Over the past few years, Elizabeth Jacobson has become one of my favorite American poets. Her work is original, deep, serious, and sensuous in ways that surprise me repeatedly. In the way of true inquiry, Jacobson's poems unearth genuinely new feelings and knowledge in a clean, mature and fully achieved style. These poems carry heavy water, fetched from deep nature, in human hands. I love this book." --Tony Hoagland

"This wild, remarkable book begins in painstaking definition, via what isn't--to strange and dazzling discoveries of the natural world, to instinct and melancholia and surprise. This poet wanders through a range of poetic architecture--an eight-sectioned poem which begins with a woman removing her body parts, epistolary poems, prose poems, small strange lyrics of love and bewilderment. Genuine curiosity fuels this book and (can we bear it?) a true savoring of the world. Elizabeth Jacobson starts in clarity and ends in mystery, two points of imaginative departure. Beware and rejoice: this is how a very original brain thinks itself into poems." --Marianne Boruch

"Snakes, birds, insects, and all manner of strange encounters: Elizabeth Jacobson is a true observer immersed in the natural world. These poems arise out of a deep questioning; they are puzzles, tangled road maps we can't help but follow. It takes some wisdom to abide, as Jacobson's work does, so effortlessly in paradox. I am moved to wonder, to breathe and slow down, experiencing how, as she says--the whole world is in me. Through her love of the particular a great expanse opens within us. These are the poems we need and long for right now." --Anne Marie Macari

Not into the Blossoms and Not into the Air is a collection of poems wealthy with the speaker's intimacy with nature and with the philosophical and spiritual insights that emerge from a deep practice of close observation. In a manner that is wonderfully relaxed and conversational, Jacobson's poems enter into the most venerable and perennial of our human questions.

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ISBN: 9781643170282
ISBN-10: 1643170287
Publisher: Parlor Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2019
Pages: 102
Language: English
Series: Free Verse Editions