The Bishop's Mission: Yes No What (Paperback)

The Bishop's Mission: Yes No What By William Collins Cover Image

The Bishop's Mission: Yes No What (Paperback)


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The Bishop realized that sooner or later we'd be able to contact, and perhaps communicate with other civilizations throughout our Milky Way galaxy. His vision, his Mission, was for us to prepare for that time. If it turned out that we could actually communicate with aliens from other worlds, his burning question, "Are we alone?" would be answered with that first contact. But, that's not all he wanted to know.

Follow this intriguing journey through the decades of debate and discovery the Mission demanded. From ecumenical views to space exploration technology, from the practical to the fanciful; Collins tells his tale with words that will evoke and provoke.

Product Details ISBN: 9781647199647
ISBN-10: 1647199646
Publication Date: February 25th, 2022
Pages: 118
Language: English