Tamed by the Berserkers (Paperback)

Tamed by the Berserkers By Lee Savino Cover Image

Tamed by the Berserkers (Paperback)


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"You are wild and disobedient. A threat to yourself and all others. To save your life, we must prove you are bonded and submitted fully to us." His voice was a guttural growl.

I lick my lips and challenged, "And what if you fail?"

Thorsteinn snarled.

"We will not fail," Vik said. "Sorrel, we're going to tame you."


Tamed by the Berserkers is best read after the Berserker Saga & the Berserker Brides series.

The Berserker Saga - Books 1-5 & two novellas

Sold to the Berserkers - Brenna, Samuel & Daegan

Mated to the Berserkers - Brenna, Samuel & Daegan

Bred by the Berserkers ( novella available only by signing up to my email list) - Brenna, Samuel & Daegan

Taken by the Berserkers - Sabine, Ragnvald & Maddox

A Berserker Birth (FREE novella - sign up to my email list and it will be one of the freebies I send you) - Brenna, Samuel & Daegan

Given to the Berserkers - Muriel and her mates

Claimed by the Berserkers - Fleur and her mates

The Berserker Brides

Rescued by the Berserker - Hazel & Knut

Captured by the Berserkers - Willow, Leif & Brokk

Kidnapped by the Berserkers - Sage, Thorbjorn & Rolf

Bonded to the Berserkers - Laurel, Haakon & Ulf

Berserker Babies - the sisters Brenna, Sabine, Muriel, Fleur and their mates

Night of the Berserkers - the witch Yseult's story

Owned by the Berserkers - Fern, Dagg & Svein

Tamed by the Berserkers - Sorrel, Thorsteinn & Vik

Mastered by the Berserkers - Juliet, Jarl & Fenrir

Product Details ISBN: 9781648470233
ISBN-10: 1648470238
Publisher: Silverwood Press
Publication Date: January 7th, 2021
Pages: 176
Language: English