The Hidden Treasure of Harris-Stowe (Paperback)

The Hidden Treasure of Harris-Stowe By D. Levett Dorsey Cover Image

The Hidden Treasure of Harris-Stowe (Paperback)


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A fun mystery and adventure fiction about three regular hardworking accountants taking on the challenge of finding a lost treasure within the walls of the HBCU where they work. Will they let time, fear, or work keep them from what could be the best discovery in the history of the university?

Can the accounting department prove that there is more to them than numbers and spreadsheets? Dylan and her coworkers' race against time to find the legendary hidden treasure at the HBCU. Is it a hoax? Join the fun as they maneuver their way around the 100-year-old building in search of clues.

This fun, thrilling, exciting story can be enjoyed by all ages!
What does Accounting, history, and a 55-year-old mystery have in common? The answer: D. Levett Dorsey - a new author and lifetime storyteller. She has woven for her readers a mysterious and exciting adventure. D. Levett has always appreciated and immersed herself in the history of St. Louis, Missouri, so it is no wonder that her very first book would be a story taking readers on a journey to unearth a hidden treasure within the halls of Harris-Stowe. She pulled from her personal experience as student, turned employee of the university to paint a vivid story of co-workers, courage, and companionship, all for your reading pleasure.
Please enjoy!
Product Details ISBN: 9781667861838
ISBN-10: 1667861832
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: October 28th, 2022
Pages: 36
Language: English